Membrane Technology & Research


Developing and manufacturing gas separation membranes are a challenge that calls for a unique portfolio of technical skills and experience. By actively seeking out the top talent from universities and centers of membrane excellence, MTR has been able to assemble one of the best membrane development teams worldwide in Menlo Park, California. When MTR serves the petrochemical, natural gas, and refining industries, these skills are deployed together with our in-house design, engineering, and project management to supply cutting-edge membrane-based separation systems.

Companies outside of these industries who see opportunities to incorporate membrane devices in their products can tap this talent pool by working collaboratively with MTR to develop, design, and manufacture a customized membrane solution, component, or process. By relying on MTR for specific membrane know-how, the partner company can improve its competitive position by introducing the novel product quickly — and keep focused on its customers.

A partnering relationship typically develops as follows:

  • Initial contact is normally with MTR’s Research Group, often on an informal basis – “can you help us with this?”
  • If the partner sees merit in MTR’s proposals, a project materializes with a specific work scope and objectives.
  • As the project takes shape, an appropriate partnering agreement is worked out to clearly define the responsibilities and protect the interests of the parties.
MTR is actively working with partners on specific membrane projects in the automotive, environmental, aviation, and consumer products fields, mostly on a confidential basis.

Partnerships in the public domain include the following:

To discuss a custom development and manufacturing project, contact MTR’s President, Dr. Hans Wijmans at

Membrane Technology and Research, Inc. 39630 Eureka Drive, Newark, CA 94560 • (650) 328-2228