MTR's Gas Separation Process Development Group develops membrane technology for natural gas production, refinery operations, and petrochemical processes. The group conducts application analyses, develops process designs, and manages field tests of innovative membrane systems.

Field test unit for NGL recovery from natural gas

Recent development activities include the following:

  • Recovering hydrogen from refinery off-gases and steam reformer waste gas streams
  • Separating carbon dioxide from hydrogen in steam reforming and coal gasification plants
  • Removing natural gas liquids (NGLs), nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and water from natural gas
  • Separating carbon dioxide from coal power plant flue gas
  • Separating olefin/paraffin mixtures
  • Recovering hydrocarbon feedstocks from oxidation reactor purge streams
  • Upgrading associated gas from oil production and biogas from landfills and animal feed lots

Click here to view a list of publications on petrochemical and natural gas applications.

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