CO2 Removal from Syngas


Syngas is produced via partial oxidation of a carbon source (coal, natural gas, or biomas) using oxygen (or air) and steam. Syngas produced from gasification or steam methane reforming (SMR) contains mostly hydrogen and carbon monoxide, desirable constituents that are used as feedstock in refineries, chemical processes and power generation. However, a significant amount of CO2, a greenhouse gas, is also produced as a by-product. Removal of CO2 is desired due to downstream process requirements or to reduce CO2 emissions. Until recently, membranes could not be used in these applications because previously available membranes cannot separate CO2 from syngas.

Polaris™ Solution

CO2 Removal from Syngas using Polaris™

MTR’s unique Polaris™ membrane is the first commercially available membrane that separates CO2 from syngas. The Polaris™ membrane is much more permeable to CO2 than to other syngas constituents and can be used to recover and purify CO2 for sequestration, enhanced oil recovery (EOR), or for use in chemical and industrial applications. The resulting CO2 enriched stream can be produced in gas or liquid form, depending on the final use for CO2.


Skid mounted CO2 removal system
  • Efficient CO2 recycle or removal: membrane systems can typically separate 80% of feed CO2.
  • Produces high purity CO2: up to 95+ vol%
  • Simple reliable unit: easy installation with skid-mounted construction
  • Easy to operate: requires no chemicals, no environmental hazards
  • Minimal utility usage: cooling water, instrument air, instrument power, N2 (for purging)
  • Long membrane life: CO2 membrane is made from very robust materials

Application Areas

  • Hydrogen plants
  • Syngas production
  • Methanol production
  • GTL or CTL for liquid fuel production (Fisher Tropsch)
  • Gasifiers feeding integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) and other power plants
  • Pressure swing adsorption (PSA) feed/ tail gas

System Description

  • Feed pressure: up to 800 psi
  • Feed: 1 to 200 MMscfd; 10 to 60 vol% CO2
  • CO2 recovery: greater than 50 to 80+%
  • CO2 purity: up to 95 vol%
  • Modular construction

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