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CO2 Removal From Natural Gas


CO2 is found in natural gas in many locations and must be removed to meet specifications before the gas can be delivered to the pipeline. Availability of a simple process technology that can be applied in remote, unattended, or offshore situations is highly desirable. Ease of operation, quick start-up, and high on-stream factors are needed in addition to competitive capital and operating costs.

Amine systems are used frequently but are complex and have high capital, operating, and installation costs; a relatively high fuel cost and potential environmental issues.

Membrane Solution

MTR’s membrane based systems provide a simple, low-cost, compact solution for reducing CO2 content in natural gas. These novel membranes have a unique polymer chemistry that is far superior to conventional membranes in withstanding the various components in natural gas. The membranes require minimal gas pretreatment and offer very high efficiency separation, with more than 95% hydrocarbon recovery achievable.

These membranes are used for achieving pipeline CO2 specifications of 4 mol% or less or for bulk CO2 removal. Due to the high fluxes of these membranes and efficient module packaging, using MTR’s membrane process minimizes required deck space and weight in offshore installations.


MTR supplied CO2 removal system operating at a Texas gas well
  • CO2 content reduced to required specifications (<2 mol% or optimal levels)
  • Limited pretreatment required due to robust membrane chemistry
  • Unique process design to maximize total hydrocarbon recovery
  • High-efficiency packaging minimizes space and weight, making the units ideal for offshore applications
  • Easy, low-cost installations. In many cases, single skid systems can installed in hours.
  • Robust, proven membrane performance at high CO2 contents
  • No regular maintenance, no moving parts, and designed for remote unmanned operation
  • High on-stream times maximize revenues

System Performance

  • Feed Rate: < 1 MMscfd to > 300 MMscfd
  • Feed CO2 Content:  > 40 mol% to < 5 mol%
  • Product CO2 Content: to < 2 mol%
  • Hydrocarbon Recovery:  > 95% +

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