CASE STUDY: H2/CO Ratio Adjustment in Syngas Production

Client's Problem:

The client, a synthetic fuel company, is developing a process for producing liquid fuels from coal via gasification of coal to syngas, and then conversion of the syngas to liquid hydrocarbons via Fischer-Tropsch synthesis. However, the syngas produced during gasification is not suitable for conversion to liquids without some treatment. Acid gases such as CO2 and H2S must be removed, and the ratio of H2 to CO must be adjusted to the optimal value for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis. To further develop their process, the client was building a large demonstration plant. The syngas produced in this plant contains a high ratio of H2 to CO that must be reduced. Because this was a demonstration and development plant, the client needed the ability to adjust the H2/CO ratio to anywhere between 0.7 and 1.5, and to do this over a wide range of feed rates.

MTR’s Solution:

MTR delivered a membrane unit that automatically adjusts the H2/CO ratio to as low as 0.5 or as high as 1.5, over a wide range of feed rates. The unit is compact and simple to operate. The unit is scheduled for start-up in mid-2007.

Membrane skid for syngas ratio adjustment installed in a GTL demonstration plant
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